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Derwent Pencils

Derwent pencils provide a broad range of colours with great pigmentation, guaranteeing that your art will be vibrant and alluring. With Derwent Pencils, enter the realm of artistic perfection. These pencils, which are renowned for their quality and inventiveness, enable painters of all skill levels to produce breathtaking, expressive works of art. 

Derwent has been producing art supplies since 1832, garnering acclaim for their diverse range of premium pencils. The extensive catalog of Derwent products are tailored to meet the varied needs of artists, from the traditional Derwent Graphite pencils range, renowned for smooth and consistent leads ideal for sketching and shading, to the vibrant and water-soluble Derwent Inktense pencils line with its intense water-soluble colours. With all pencils bearing the Derwent insignia, artists are assured superior quality.

Derwent has committed to explore new pencils materials and techniques to enhance the artistic process. From the precision-engineered cores that deliver unparalleled performance to the ergonomically designed barrels that ensure comfort during prolonged use, every aspect of Derwent pencils reflects a dedication to providing artists with the finest tools. Whether it's the rich pigments of the Derwent Coloursoft range, the versatility of the Derwent Procolour line, or the expressive potential of the Derwent Pastel range of pencils, Derwent's products cater to artists of all levels and preferences. Derwent remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering outstanding pencils.

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