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Craft & Gift Ideas / Lego

For those who love sewing, embroidery and tapestry, our range DMC and Groves & Banks is perfect. Our shop also has knitting needles, crochet hooks, hoops and fabric and haberdashery materials. Then there’s our lovely hand printed Japanese origami paper as well candle making supplies and card blanks to fuel your creativity. We have lots of craft kits and popular gifts in a tin too – so there’s something for all ages and interests. If you enjoy model making, our materials include balsa wood, plastruct rods and tubing. For architectural models, to create battlefields or a railway layout, we have trees, scatter materials and a wide range of card in stock. You won’t struggle to find the right adhesive for your project either. We have a wide range available for those who work with airdry clay, fimo or milliput and if you’re creating intricate pieces or your work needs support, we have a range of wires and mesh. Our suppliers include DMC, Javis Groves and Banks, Uhu, Fimo New Clay and New Plast, Plastruct, Wireform, Efco, Gutterman, Gedeo Apples to Pears and 3M.

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