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Travelling with your Art Supplies

1st August 2023
Travelling with your Art Supplies
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Taking your art supplies on holiday can be a delightful way to stay creatively engaged while exploring new destinations. However, when embarking on a journey, it's essential to consider the practicality of carrying your artistic tools. Opting for compact and small-sized art supplies becomes crucial, especially if you plan to travel by plane or pack your essentials in the back of your car. The key is to strike a balance between creativity and convenience.


A woman sits on a piazza with her luggage, paintin
A compact travel sketchbook alongside a travel wat

Firstly, investing in a portable art kit is a wise decision. Look for compact sketchbooks or watercolor paper pads that can fit easily into your carry-on luggage or backpack. Similarly, consider using travel-friendly paint sets that come in small, sturdy containers, making them less likely to spill during transit. Watercolor pencils and pens can also be great alternatives, as they offer the versatility of drawing and painting without the need for additional water and brushes.

Aquafine Travel Set of 24 Half Pan Watercolours, by Daler-Rowney. View here.
Watercolour Travel Journal - A5 Landscape, by Seawhite of Brighton. View here.

A compact travel sketchbook alongside a travel wat

Secondly, compact drawing tools such as mechanical pencils, fine liners, and small sets of colored pencils are excellent options for artists on the go. These tools take up minimal space, and their durable nature ensures they withstand the rigors of travel. Additionally, if you're a digital artist, consider bringing a portable drawing tablet that connects to your laptop or smartphone. This way, you can create digital art without the need for physical supplies. The Procreate app is fantastic for digital painting with a stylus.

Learn about the VIRTO tablet brush by Da Vinci, with actual brush fibres; £36.00. View here.

A tablet showing digital colourful artwork created
Da Vinci travel brushes

When it comes to paintbrushes, opt for travel-sized brush sets that come with a protective case. These brushes are specifically designed to be lightweight and space-saving, making them easy to carry in your hand luggage or art bag. Additionally, they often offer various brush tips, allowing you to experiment with different strokes and effects while on vacation.

Discover the Da Vinci Series 1503 Travel Brush - Kolinsky Red Sable (various sizes) here.
Also we have the Da Vinci Gift Case with pure sable pocket brushes. WAS £185.00 / NOW £138.75. View here.

The da Vinci pocket brush makes a perfect travel watercolour brush as the handle unscrews half way down so that the sable brush can be contained inside the handle, protecting it from damage.

Da Vinci travel brushes

If you enjoy creating art with mixed media, consider carrying a small assortment of collage materials, like washi tapes, miniature cut-outs, and adhesive pads. These can add dimension and interest to your artwork without taking up much space. Furthermore, keep your art supplies organized in compact pencil cases or art supply storage solutions to prevent any mess or damage during travel.

We love this the compact Watercolour Paints tin from Rosa, featuring 12 assorted classic colours (full pans). They have vibrant colours made with finely ground artist pigment and organic gum arabic - made in Ukraine. WAS £27.99 / NOW £22.39. View here.

Rosa travel tin of 12 colourful watercolour paints

Finally, before you head out on your holiday adventure, do a trial packing run to ensure your art supplies fit comfortably in your chosen mode of transportation. It's important to be mindful of any airline restrictions on carrying liquids or sharp objects, and always have your art supplies easily accessible, so you can indulge in your artistic pursuits during long flights or car rides. By packing small-sized art supplies, you can unleash your creativity wherever your wanderlust takes you!

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