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Derwent Artists Coloured Pencils Tin Set of 12

SKU: 6000335:6000335

The Derwent Artists coloured pencils in a set of 12 gives you a great range colours to get you started. Presented in a sturdy metal tin to keep them safe, this would make an ideal gift for a child or adult. The quality of the Derwent Artists pencils is high and the colours are vibrant and rich making it easy to lay down and blend the colour.

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Important tip for blending colored pencil

The quality of pencil that you use for your drawings is very important and directly influences your success. Using a lower quality pencil will produce lower quality results. In the same way, using a higher quality pencil will increase your chances of success.

Although lower quality pencils are much cheaper, try to avoid them. They just won't behave in the same manner as higher quality pencils and you're likely to encounter some frustration.

Contact our knowlagable and friendly staff for advice on what kit will suit your needs.

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