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Derwent Pencils

10th October 2023
Derwent Pencils
Broad Canvas

The Derwent brand features quality materials, craftsmanship and innovation as the key cornerstones of their brand. For generations they've been perfecting the art of pencil manufacturing in the Lake District. They produced the first ever mass produced pencil as Banks, Son & Co. in 1831.

We stock a wide range of quality Derwent pencils ranging from luxury boxes stacked with 120 colour pencils right down to single pencils for under the price of a tea or coffee.

Derwent Academy Wooden Gift Box Set

The Derwent Academy Wooden Gift Box Set is perfect for any aspiring artist. It contains a range of Academy pencils: Sketching, Colouring and Watercolour. Complete with accessories, a drawing pad. All presented in a smart wooden box, it is an ideal box with enough variety to inspire and develop a budding artist's drawing skills.

A super gift set for someone who wants to dive into different drawing techniques and the types of pencils needed. This set contains 30 pencils, accessories and 3 project sheets with tips to help you get started.

Was £49.00 Now £46.00.  View product here

Derwent Charcoal Pencils - Tin Set of 6

A handy pack of 6 charcoal pencils plus sharpener, presented in a sturdy metal tin. Suitable for sketching, drawing or smudging, charcoal pencils offer a tactile feel and provides control over your lines and marks. They can be manipulated to create an array of rich and dark tones in various thicknesses. A white charcoal pencil can add light flourishes and details. This is a highly popular gift set which is ideal as a for a student, beginner or artist. The high quality pencils across all of the ranges makes this very appealing to anyone. The tin contains: 1x Light / 2x Medium / 2x Dark / 1x White.

Was £11.99 Now £7.73. View product here

Derwent Academy Sketching Set

When sketching, you'll usually require a set of pencils between hard and soft, to get the coverage and density of mark that your artwork requires. You'll also need tools to keep everything sharp and clean.

Ideal for students, this Derwent Academy Sketching Set has been put together to offer a complete selection of sketching materials: 6x graphite pencils (H/HB/B/2B/4B/6B) 2x graphite blocks (soft/hard) 2x woodless drawing sticks (Sanguine/Black) 2x pastels (White/Sanguine) 2 sticks of willow charcoal, a sandpaper block for making dust and sharpening pencils, a paperstump for smudging, a pencil sharpener, an eraser and a kneadable eraser for lifing out tone.

Was £16.99 Now £12.80. View product here

Derwent Artists Coloured Pencils - Tin Set of 36

A fabulous gift set by Derwent. A great range of 36 assorted Artists coloured pencils for the budding artist, presented in a sturdy metal tin to keep them safe.

Was £79.00 Now £67.17. View product here

Derwent Coloursoft Pencils

Sumptiously soft and easy to blend, these Derwent Coloursoft Pencils are available in a wonderful range of brilliant hues. As the name suggest, these are softer pencils allowing you to blend rich colour with ease.

Cream, Acid Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Deep Cadmium, Yellow Ochre, Pale Orange, Orange, Bright Orange, Blood Orange, Rose, Scarlet, Red, Deep Red, Deep Fuchsia, Cranberry, Loganberry, Soft Pink, Blush Pink, Pink, Bright Pink, Pink Lavender, Grey Lavender, Pale Lavender, Bright Purple, Purple, Bright Lilac, Royal Purple, Blackberry, Ultramarine, Indigo, Prussian Blue, Electric Blue, Blue, Baby Blue, Iced Blue, Cloud Blue, Pale Blue, Sea Green, Grey Green, Mid Green, Dark Green, Green, Pea Green, Light Green, Yellow Green, Lime Green. Mint, Lincoln Green, Pale Mint, Lichen Green, Brown, Dark Brown, Pale Brown, Pimento, Ginger, Peach, Pale Peach, Light Sand, Ochre, Mid Brown, Dark Terracott, Mid Terracotta, Brown Earth, Brown Black, Black, Persian Grey, Dove Grey, Petrel Grey, Steel Grey, Mid Grey, White Grey, White.

Was £2.15 Now £1.85. View product here