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Derwent Academy Colour Pencils

Discover the vibrant world of Derwent Academy Colour Pencils at Broad Canvas, where creativity meets quality. These versatile pencils are meticulously crafted to bring your artistic visions to life with a rich spectrum of colours. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a budding creator, the Derwent Academy range offers smooth, blendable pigments that effortlessly glide onto your canvas or paper.

Each pencil is designed for precision and control, allowing you to explore intricate details or create bold strokes with ease. The durable cores ensure longevity, making them the perfect companion for various art projects. From vivid landscapes to intricate illustrations, these colour pencils provide the perfect palette to express your imagination.

Explore the Derwent Academy collection at Broad Canvas and elevate your artistic experience. Unleash your creativity with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and vibrant tool at your fingertips. Transform your ideas into masterpieces with the exceptional quality of Derwent Academy Colour Pencils, available for your artistic journey at Broad Canvas.

Established amidst the serene landscapes of England's Lake District in the 1830s, Derwent embarked on its illustrious journey in the art supply realm. Originating from the Cumberland Pencil Company, renowned for its quality graphite, Derwent honed its craft in pencil manufacturing, harnessing the power of the River Derwent.

Throughout its storied history, Derwent's commitment to excellence remained unwavering. Expanding beyond graphite, the brand pioneered innovative art materials, continuously adapting to meet artists' evolving needs. It was within this legacy of craftsmanship that the Derwent Academy range emerged.

The Academy series, born from Derwent's legacy, introduced a diverse selection of artist-grade tools, including a spectrum of colored pencils. With a focus on quality and accessibility, these pencils became a cornerstone for artists of all levels. They epitomized Derwent's dedication to fostering creativity, offering artists reliable, vibrant mediums to transform ideas into visual masterpieces.

Derwent's journey through time reflects a legacy of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to providing artists worldwide with exceptional tools, with the Academy range standing as a testament to their ongoing pursuit of artistic excellence.

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