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Drawing / Watercolour Pencils & Crayons

Choosing the right drawing materials, equipment and tools will help you achieve your artistic vision. Pencils are suited to exact line work and many brands of this medium can be sharpened to pinpoint precision. Our range of chalk and charcoal comes in pencil, stick and powder form and is perfect for creating shade and contrast. Graphite is a fluid and linear medium, with more flexibility than many artists give it credit for. Our range comes in sticks of various shapes, sizes and hardness to allow for delicate blending or broad expressive strokes. Pen and ink is a great choice of medium for artists and illustrators interested in control and detail in their artwork. But it doesn’t matter whether you are capturing the personality of your pet, you might be sketching and capturing the changing autumn colours, designing a new range of furniture or drawing up the plans for a new office. You can be confident that we have a wide variety of pens (including fineliner and those suitable for technical drawing), pencils, oil pastels, soft/chalk pastels, crayon, graphite and charcoal as well as drawing equipment such as rulers and set squares. Our stockists include Derwent, Faber Castell, Caren DAche, Conte, Sennelier, Copic, Pilot and Unison amongst many other popular brand names.

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