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Home > Things first year architecture students need

Things first year architecture students need

19th February 2020
Things first year architecture students need
Broad Canvas

As an architecture student, you'll need to have a specific range of tools and equipment in your kit box – all essential for creating drawings or building models. Purchasing good, quality equipment will make this easier and more accurate.

Over the course of your study time you'll collect many materials and tools, but firstly you'll need items such as technical pens, pencils, drawing paper, measuring equipment, craft knives and more. We help explain why you'll need them and also share our special Architecture Kit bundles below.

A high-quality pen set for any design student is a must. You'll need a range of thicknesses (measured in millimetres) to create clean lines specific to your work. Rotring are the leaders in technical pens. Our bundles include a set of 3 Isograph pens (0.25mm, 0.35mm & 0.5mm), a Tikky mechanical pencil 0.5, 12 x HB leads, B20 eraser, 23ml bottle of ink and a compass attachment – all in a sturdy plastic case.

Rotring Isograph College Pen Set
Swann-Morton Craft Knife - Handle & Blades

Craft knives are an essential inclusion in any designer's kit, especially when it comes to model building. Quality knives such as the popular Swann-Morton range, are manufactured with the same precision and cutting performance as surgical knives. The British made handles can last for an entire lifetime, with the ability to replace the blades when they lose their all-important sharpness. Look for the best blades you can get – we provide sets that include a handle and 5x spare blades.

Swann-Morton Craft Knife - Handle & Blades

While studying you'll need the ability to transport your kit between your place of study and your home. Drawing boards are an important piece of equipment that you'll more than likely need at both places. A portable board works best such as the A1 sized Challenge Ferndown from Blundell Harding. It sits neatly on a table top and is easy to pack away when not in use. The stand is of an all steel construction with four angle positions 25, 35, 45 and 60 degrees, that also acts as a carrying handle.
Our tip: It's always a good idea to label the higher priced equipment in your kit in case of misidentification.

Blundell Harding A1 Portable Drawing Board
Derwent Graphite Graphic Pencil Tin 12

As with pens, graphic pencils will be an everyday essential. Whether you are creating fine detailed illustrations or adding shading and texture to your work, make sure you have the right pencil for the job. Graphite pencil sets are a great way for a student to try out different grades and experiment with what effects they can create. Most sets are available in either hard, medium or soft options.

Our tip: Don't forget to grab a quality sharpener to keep your pencils at optimum performance.

Derwent Graphite Graphic Pencil Tin 12

Another important item for your kit is a well designed drawing compass. There are many sizes and variations out there, some with or without extensions and spare parts. Compasses utilizing masterbow knee joints, quick releases and lengthening L-bars, mean you'll be well prepared for precision drawing. They can also be used with a range of drawing implements including technical drawing pens. Our extended bundle features a well constructed German-made Ecobra compass, which has long-term usage in mind at a very reasonable price for students.

Ecobra Giant Bow Compass & L-Bar
Teloman A1 Portfolio Carry Case

For transporting your work to and from college, university or your workplace, you'll need a sturdy portfolio carry case. They are primarily intended for everyday use but are also a good, practical option for showing your completed works to potential employers.

Most folio cases have a top and a side-mounted handle for ease of transportation, and a continuous zip on three sides providing ease of access. Work should be stored mounted or supported inside to prevent pieces sliding and curling up.

Our experienced team have put together two kit bundles to help you start out on your exciting journey. If you would like more information on any product then do get in touch, or pop in to our store in Oxford – we're more than happy to help.

View the Architecture Student Starter Kit bundle here.

View the Architecture Starter Kit bundle here.

Teloman A1 Portfolio Carry Case