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Bob Ross Collection

7th January 2022
Bob Ross Collection
Broad Canvas

Bob Ross Master Oil Painting Set – Discover the Bob Ross 'Wet-on-Wet' technique for painting beautiful landscapes. The set features an illustrated step-by-step guide and a 'Getting Started' DVD that covers all his techniques in a detailed, yet easy to understand way. It also comes packaged with an easy step-by-step guide which has instructions and images of the project, so you can monitor your artistic progress with ease. Be like Bob!

Included in the Bob Ross set:
Bright Red, Phthalo Blue, Midnight Black, Van Dyke Brown, Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green, Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson, Liquid White, #10 Knife, 1" Brush, 2" Brush, #6 Fan Brush, Liner Brush, how-to project and FREE "Getting Started" 1-hour DVD.

Was £129.95 Now £77.95. View offer here

Bob Ross Master Oil Painting Set
Bob Ross Basic Oil Painting Set

Bob Ross Basic Oil Painting Set – The perfect kit to get started with Bob Ross’ signature Wet-on-Wet technique. This Bob Ross set includes all the basic materials that formed the foundation of Bob's legendary oil painting style, so you can get painting right away with the supplied 'Bob Ross - My First Painting' project.

The set includes a knife, brush and written instructions and a photo of the painting, guiding you through the creative process with relative ease. 


5 x Bob Ross 37ml tubes of colour, 1 x Bob Ross 100ml jar of liquid white, 1 x Bob Ross no. 5 painting knife, 1 x Bob Ross 1" landscape brush, 1 x Bob Ross instructional leaflet, 1 x Bob Ross plastic carrying case

Was £59.95 Now £34.95View offer here

Bob Ross Basic Oil Painting Set

These Bob Ross canvases have a medium-smooth surface which is ideal for applying oil painting to. Each canvas has been double-primed with a grey primer, allowing the painter to see if the liquid white has been applied.

The canvases come pre-stretched much tighter than other brands, giving you more durability, especially when tapping and painting the surface with large brushes or painting knives.

Bob Ross Canvas 24cm x 32cm: £9.95  View product here

Bob Ross Canvas 30cm x 40cm:
Was £12.50 Now £10.00  View offer here

Bob Ross Canvas 40cm x 50cm:
Was £15.50 Now £12.00  View offer here

Bob Ross Canvases
Bob Ross Landscape Oil Colours

Bob Ross 14 Landscape Oil Colours – specifically formulated to a stiff but smooth consistency, necessary to master Bob's Wet-on-Wet technique.

Bob Ross Background Oil Colours are heartier in body than the lighter highlight colours. These pigment-rich colours yield an endless number of natural colour combinations to paint with. All these oil paints are non-toxic.

Colours available: Alizarin Crimson, Bright Red, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Dark Sienna, Indian Yellow, Midnight Black, Mountain Mixture, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Titanium White, Vandyke Brown, Yellow Ochre.

Was £7.95 each Now £5.96 each  View the full range here

Bob Ross Landscape Oil Colours

A key part of the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet technique is the medium you'll need to apply to the canvas before you start applying your oil paint. This Base Coat Value Pack contains 4x 100ml bottles of medium, specially formulated and developed for the Bob Ross range.

Once applied you can blend the paints over the top of the 'wet' surface and start to paint wonderful paintings just like Bob. Additional usage instructions are contained within the pack, which contains: Liquid Black, Liquid White, Liquid Clear and a Brush Conditioner which helps keep your oil painting brushes in great working order.

Was £24.95 Now £19.95View offer here

Bob Ross Base Coat Value Pack
Bob Ross Liquid Oil Paint

Bob Ross 237ml Liquid Oil Paints – Black, White & Clear.

These Liquid Oil Paints are ideal for the Wet-on-Wet techniques made so famous by Bob on his Joy of Painting show that became a cultural phenomenon. The black base is great for creating sweeping, dark landscapes and especially night time environments. The white can be used to add highlights for scenes such as snow-capped mountains. 

Blend and mix the paints straight onto the canvas instead of working it yourself on the palette – which can take far longer. This is also helpful as a way to thin your colours when applying them over thicker paints. A thin paint sticking to a thick paint is the core idea behind the entire Wet-on-Wet technique made so famous by Bob Ross.

Black: Was £15.50 Now £11.95View offer here

White: Was £15.50 Now £11.95View offer here

Clear: Was £15.50 Now £11.95View offer here

Bob Ross Liquid Oil Paint

Bob Ross Brushes – In the words of Bob "Used correctly, bushes, trees and whole forests appear as if by magic".

The Bob Ross landscape brushes are special brushes made from natural bristles and shaped according to Bob's very precise specifications for the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique. Remember, ordinary or synthetic brushes are not the same and can't create the same beautiful effects that these will.

We have a great range of versatile brushes that will help you achieve excellent results.

Starting from £5.25  View the full range here

Bob Ross Brushes
Bob Ross Painting Knives

Bob Ross Painting Knives.

This selection of knives are specially made to create the stunning landscapes you saw on his original television show. They have straight edged blades and are larger and more durable than other traditional painting knives. Thanks to their unique design it makes loading the knife with paint a much more straightforward process.

Both the No.10 and No.5 are great for blocking in areas of colour and creating strong bold marks with. The No 5 is perfect for areas that are more intricate to paint, compared to standard sized knives. 

Bob Ross Painting Knife No 10:
Was £8.25 Now £5.95View offer here

Bob Ross Painting Knife No 5:
Was £8.25 Now £5.95View offer here

Bob Ross Painting Knives

Bob Ross Odourless Thinner.

Highly effective, this top quality thinner cleans oil paint from brushes quickly and thoroughly yet is still gentle on bristles. When used in a brush bath, it can be reused indefinitely - allow it to settle for a few days, and then reuse. It can also be used to thin Bob Ross oil paints and is compatible with all painting mediums in the range. Painting is also a more pleasurable experience without the usual turpentine odour.

Bob Ross 946ml Odourless Thinner (32oz):
Was £22.95 Now £17.95View offer here

Bob Ross 946ml Odourless Thinner (125ml):
Was £6.95 Now £5.45View offer here


Bob Ross Odourless Thinner
Bob Ross Brush Conditioner

Bob Ross Brush Conditioner.

Extend the life of your precious Bob Ross Brushes with this 100ml bottle of nutritious cleaner/conditioner. After cleaning, gently rub the conditioner into the natural bristles to protect your investment!

For use with the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet technique as well as other methods of painting.

Was £7.95 Now £6.25View offer here


Bob Ross Brush Conditioner