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Bob Ross Basic Painting Set

Bob Ross Basic Painting Set

SKU: 12000156:12000156

The perfect place to get a start in painting with Bob Ross’ signature wet-on-wet technique. Including the basic materials that formed the foundation of Bob's painting style and you can get painting right away with the included My First Painting project


5 x Bob Ross 37ml tubes of colour
1 x Bob Ross 100ml jar of liquid white
1 x Bob Ross no. 5 painting knife
1 x Bob Ross 1" landscape brush
1 x Bob Ross instructional leaflet
1 x Bob Ross plastic carrying case


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59.95 GBP

You've seen him on the TV, he's that soft-spoken guy painting happy clouds, mountains, and trees in about twenty-six television minutes. Broad Canvas now sells the entire range of Bob Ross products, so you can now follow Bob's wonderful painting instructions combined with his artsets and learn to pain or become a better artist.

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