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Bob Ross 30cm x 40cm Painting Canvas
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Bob Ross 30cm x 40cm Painting Canvas

SKU: 12000192:12000192

The Bob Ross 30cm x 40cm Painting Canvas features a medium smooth surface perfect for painting on. Each canvas has been double-primed with a grey primer, allowing the painter to see if the liquid white is properly applied.

The canvases come pre-stretched much tighter than other brands, giving you more durability especially when tapping and painting the surface with large brushes or painting knives.

Bob Ross CANVAS: 30cm x 40cm


Brand: Bob Ross

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Ever since I was a toddler and could hold a crayon or brush, I've been painting and drawing aided by family that have been involved in the production of paint for artists. I've a passion for drawing and painting in a variety of media, especially oil painting and drawing. I also enjoy using coloured pencils, watercolour inks and gouache.

When not in store I can be found teaching privately, I'm especially fond of life drawing and believe with encouragement that anyone can draw and paint. I can often be found wondering the countryside with my camera and sketchbook, I'm drawn to wild places, lakes and woods.

I've used most of the products we sell, so please feel free to ask me about anything.

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