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Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolour 12 x 5ml Tubes Lightweight Metal Box

Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolour 12 x 5ml Tubes Lightweight Metal Box

SKU: 6014594:6014594

The Twelve tube lightweight sketchers tin has a traditional “English,” colour palette. This provides a broad range of colour that is selected for their ease of mixing. The tin incorporates two palettes the first is in the lid of the tin and the second is hinged and folds over to secure the tubes when folded. As with the lightweight half pan tin-the colour range is selected for its mass tone and purity of pigment. There is also a small a narrow internal channel that would hold small travel brushes. On the underside a thumb ring is located to help hold the box securely when in use. The 5ml tubes are suitable for creating larger quantities of colour wash making it useful for those who would like to paint on a larger scale or for looser painting techniques. This tin is an ideal gift and is also great for anyone looking to expand into professional water colour painting.

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