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Aristo MG1 College Technical Pen Set (0.18, 0.25, 0.50)
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Aristo MG1 College Technical Pen Set (0.18, 0.25, 0.50)

Brand: Aristo

Aristo drafting pens are a reliable and easy to use drafting pen for technical drawings. We supply them both as a single pen and in “college” sets. The pens conform to international sizing standards with corresponding colour coding for each pen. The pens use a latex based India ink that is both permanent and light fast. The pens are constructed in four parts cap, nib, reservoir and handle. These pens represent good value for money in comparison to other brands of technical pens. They are easy to fill each reservoir has clearly marked maximum fill indicators and a convenient access hole for the ink to be inserted into the pen. The nibs are moulded into a single sealed piece which aids maintenance and cleaning which should be done regularly to keep the pens in optimum condition. The caps have a click safe mechanism keeping the nib sealed which prevents the nibs drying out when not in use. If the pens are not going to be used for a while it is advisable to empty the pen of ink and flush the pens out of any remaining ink. Should you have any problems with flow - Aristo also produce a special cleaning fluid to help restore pen function. As with all drafting pens they should be stored with the nib uppermost so excess ink can flow back into the reservoir. This will prevent the nibs from blobbing or flooding. Each pen and set are supplied with detailed instructions for use.

We've written a set of articles to help you learn more about technical pens here:


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Aristo MG1 College Technical Pen Set. How to look after your pen.

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