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Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Colour Starter Set 6 x 21ml

Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Colour Starter Set 6 x 21ml

Brand: Winsor & Newton

An introductory set of 6 x 21ml tubes of Artists Oil Colour Paint by Winsor and Newton. It offers a basic starter palette for getting involved in creating vibrant oil paintings. Artists' Oil Colour is Winsor & Newton's highest quality traditional oil range which includes 119 colours. The set provides great quality at an affordable price. Each colour tone is carefully formulated for tinting strength, stability and coverage. Apply thickly with brushes or palette knives, or even thin them to a fine glaze using mediums.

Colours: Winsor Yellow, Crimson Alizarine, Winsor Blue (Red Hue), Winsor Green, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White.

Winsor & Newton, a household name in the world of art supplies, has been synonymous with excellence in oil painting since its inception. Established in 1832, Winsor & Newton has continually revolutionised the art world with its superior oil paints, renowned for their unrivaled quality and versatility. The extensive Winsor & Newton oil range encompasses a myriad of colours, each meticulously formulated to deliver optimal pigmentation and luminosity, ensuring that artists can achieve their desired effects with precision and depth. Winsor & Newton oil paints are celebrated for their buttery consistency, allowing artists to manipulate the medium with ease, whether they seek to create delicate glazes or bold impasto textures. With a legacy spanning centuries, Winsor & Newton remains at the forefront of oil painting innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this timeless medium. Artists worldwide trust Winsor & Newton oil paints to bring their visions to life, knowing that within each tube lies the key to unlocking limitless creative potential.

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