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Uni Pin Fine Line Pen Black

SKU: 6055045:6055045

Excellent drawing pen ideal for professional artists and amateur hobbyists
Features fade proof and water-resistant Super Ink
Can be used with watercolour work – ink will not smudge when wet
Wide range of nib sizes available
Steel protected nib is long-lasting and can be used with stencils

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1.99 GBP

We show you how the new uni-ball PIN brush fine-liner pen writes and draws like a dream. Here artist Ella Johnston shows you how the pen masters hand-lettering with brush script and how to work it with quick, expressive drawing and sketches. Plus Ella also demonstrates how the fine-line pen draws over watercolour with a funky flamingo card. Uni-ball's super ink technology is perfect for artists, designers and architects alike; not only do you get fine line precision but its pigment ink lasts a life-time and doesn't bleed through paper - try it for yourself today.

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