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UHU All Purpose Adhesive 125ml
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UHU All Purpose Adhesive 125ml

Brand: UHU

UHU All Purpose adhesive is the mainstay of crafters and model makers. The iconic yellow and black tubes are a familiar site in many a stationery department. Highly popular with Architecture students, this glue will stick most products. Ideal for card, paper, Foam board, wood, plastics, fabric, light metals and most natural materials it provides a quick bond that is relatively strong and secure. The glue is available in both 125 and 35ml tubes. Tips on use, ensure that surfaces to be bonded are clean and free from grease. It may help to slightly roughen the surfaces to be joined. If the material you are sticking together is absorbent ie card apply two thin coats to each surface and press together.

Should you need to remove the adhesive, acetone is the solvent to use.

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