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Student Acrylic Starter Set

SKU: BUND004:1111114

Confused about what you need to get started painting in acrylics? Looking for a gift for a friend venturing into acrylics?

To help you our team of experienced artists have prepared the ultimate introduction set for students wanting to explore the joys of acrylic painting for the first time, or take the next step on their journey. Including paints, canvases, brushes, acrylic mediums and palettes, this is everything you'll need to get started in style.

Purchase all of these great products in a single bundle;

  • Daler Rowney System 3 Original Acrylic Selection Set 8 x 75ml.
    System 3 acrylic colour is a highly versatile, water-based acrylic colour.

  • Pro Arte Short Hand Polar Wallet W10.
    Pro Arte offer a great range of special offer brush sets for each of their brush ranges.

  • Daler Rowney Slow Drying Gel 75ml.
    Slows down the drying time of acrylic colour.

  • Rectangular Plastic Palette - 20 Well.
    A plastic palette for use with acrylics, water colour and gouache.

  • Daler Rowney Langton Watercolour Paper Spiral Pads Cold Pressed/NOT 140lb: 14 x 10in.
    The Langton Water Colour Paper is colour stable, mould made and acid free.

Read our blog post about the Student Acrylic Starter Set here.


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