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Schmincke Aero Color Professional Finest Acrylic Ink 28ml

Schmincke Aero Color Professional Finest Acrylic Ink 28ml

Brand: Schmincke

Schminckes’ Aero Color professional is a range of brilliant,chromatic acrylic inks, originally manufactured for airbrushing. The range, we currently stock comprises of 36 x 28ml colours and 12 x 28ml special opaque colours. Aero color is the most fluid of all Schminckes’ acrylic products and can be further thinned with DISTILLED water or with fluid retarder, and airbrush medium for further thinning and blending. If distilled water is used, it should not exceed more than 20% of the original paint amount. By using small quantities of SUPRA White it is possible to create opaque colours with out changing the character of the original tint. All colours are lightfast and water resistant when dry. Aero Color, is permanent on most non oily surfaces, and can be applied with Brushes, Dip pens and technical drafting pens. Equipment should be cleaned before the ink has dried as it will not be easily removed once set. All colours are highly vibrant and most are single pigments, which aids in purity of colour mixes. Of note are the three primary (Basis) colours, from which most colours can be mixed. This would be of great use for anyone working in Graphics or learning about colour theory and mixing. The 12 opaque colours add covering power and intensity to work. All colours are suitable for fluid applications and can be combined with other acrylic paints to create effects and washes and glazes.

. Intense colour

. Single Pigments

. Suitable for mixed media applications

. Suitable for Airbrushes and technical pens

. Fully intermixable

. water resistant

. ideal for graphics and illustration

. Professional grade

. Good for calligraphy


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