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Pro Arte Series RSQ Renaissance Squirrel Mop: No.000

Pro Arte Series RSQ Renaissance Squirrel Mop: No.000

Brand: Pro Arte

Responding to a resurgence in the popularity of squirrel mops, Pro Arte have produced this new quality version made from the finest hair. A unique feature of squirrel is its ability to hold huge amounts of colour which is such a boon to watercolour artists working on a grand scale. By the use of traditional three-knot 'quill' binding, Pro Arte are able to pack this particularly fine hair tightly enough to create a brush which gives a superb belly and provides a long, useful life. Like all mops it is simply a delight to behold. Unlike others it is affordable, compromising on the price but not the quality.

Available in sizes of 000 • 00 • 0 • 2 • 4 • 6 • 8 • 10 • 12 • 14 • 16 • 20

SKU: 6047759:6047759 6047759:6047759
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