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Nitram Academie Charcoal 5mm - 5 pack: H

Nitram Academie Charcoal 5mm - 5 pack: H

Brand: Nitram

The Nitram Academie Charcoal Fusains 5mm. Five in a pack and available in B (Soft), HB (Medium) and H (Hard).
Nitram Academie Fusains B (Soft) 5mm - For the discerning artist that requires a rich black for drawing, then Nitram B is the answer. It is very soft, yet is still able to carry a point for working rich blacks into the paper or canvas.

Nitram Academie Fusains HB (Medium) 5mm - This medium soft charcoal is the one most preferred for drawing and sketching. Nitram HB?s superior hold is perfect for homogenizing tones and retaining tonal detail.

Nitram Academie Fusains H (Hard) 5mm - Nitram H can be sharpened to an extra fine point for creating fine detail in your drawing. Also, the unique hardness of Nitram H makes lighter and mid tones easier to attain.

Each pack contains 5 batons.

Nitram has been manufacturing high quality drawing products for over 50 years. Unlike traditional Willow or Vine charcoal, Nitram has a unique binder that gives rich black tones with minimal dust. The sticks are formed offering consistant control and precision.

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