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Moulding Alginate 500g
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Moulding Alginate 500g

Brand: Artstat
Moulding Alginate 550g is a flexible mould and impression-making material. A gel is formed by mixing the alginate powder with water and is widely used in reproducing small to medium-size objects and patterns or mouldings in plaster and timber, particularly in restoration work. Alginate is completely safe in direct contact with skin and sets very rapidly, making it the preferred material for making moulds of the face, body, feet and hands. Alginate is supplied in a 500g foil sachet and is manufactured from kelp - a variety of seaweed. Like latex and silicone, it reproduces an extremely accurate impression - capturing such detail as the pores of the skin. Advantages over silicone and latex are that it sets very quickly and can be separated from the subject within 3 to 4 minutes of application. It is also clean, economic, easy to apply and needs no release agent to detach from non-porous surfaces - the mould detaches from the original as it sets.5052803003462 SKU: 6002707:6002707 6002707:6002707
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