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Mabef M25 Studio Easel

Mabef M25 Studio Easel

SKU: 6022485:6022485

The M25 easel from MABEF has similar characteristics to a Radial easel. Manufactured from stain resistant oiled beechwood. This easel hinges mid mast to provide the option of converting to a table / platform easel. Ideal for small scale conservation or for those who use a broad range of media in their work. It’s is especially recommended for use with wet or fluid media, where the table function – would provide a level painting surface. Weighing in at just 9kgs (20lbs) it is easy to move around or fold flat for storage. The easel will support a maximum working area of 2 x 1mtr upright or 100 x75 cm when used as a table. This easel also has a small base foot-print 61 x 64cm (24 x 25”) which is compact for this type of easel.   


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