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Mabef M20 Studio Lyre Easel

Mabef M20 Studio Lyre Easel

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The M20 and its sister M20 plus are dedicated elegant display easels. Intended for gallery and display usage. They are manufactured to the same high quality as seen with their Artists easels. Made from sustainably sourced Beech wood they are popular with all manner of display work. The maximum height of work the easels will carry is just over 51” 130cm. As with all M.A.B.E.F easels they come in an easy to assemble kit format. The M20 plus has an additional single support mast enabling work to be displayed to a maximum size of 180cm. the M20 weighs in at just 11 kg and the M20 plus at 13kg. When not in use the rear leg folds flat for ease of storage.

. Excellent choice for Gallery, Museum and retail displays.

. Lightweight

. Durable

. Compact

. Easy to assemble

. Two options available (M20 plus is more stable if displaying larger items).

. Adjustable position settings

. Made from stain resistant oiled Beechwood.


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