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Mabef M06 Studio Easel

SKU: 6022465:6022465

An easel is an important investment. It should last a long time and it pays to choose one that is well made and suitable for the painting and drawing you want to do. It also needs to be sturdy, reliable and long-lasting. Mabef is probably the most highly respected easel brand in the world and Mabef continues to manufacture all of its easels in its factory in Cardano al Campo, Italy.

All Mabef studio easels are treated with raw linseed oil which represents the most natural method to protect the wood surface without drastically changing its natural features. The wood is impregnated in its internal fibres emphasising all the sensations that only a natural material can give.

The large indoor Mabef M06 studio easel is perfect for oil and acrylic use – and has the following features;

  • Constructed of oiled, stain-resistant beech wood
  • No-collapsible safety system
  • Adjustable working angle by lever handles
  • Closable base
  • Extensible sliding mast
  • Canvas holder height is adjusted by ratchet
  • Simple assembly required
  • Weight: 18,5 Kg - 40¾ lbs
  • Maximum loading capacity: 30 Kg - 66 lbs
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Video showing installation and operating instructions for the Mabef M06 Studio Easel.
Constructed of oiled, stain-resistant beech wood; No-collapsible safety system; Adjustable working angle by lever handles; Closable base; Extensible sliding mast; Canvas holder height is adjusted by ratchet; Simple assembly required.

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