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Mabef M02 Studio Easel Double Pole

Mabef M02 Studio Easel Double Pole

SKU: 6022459:6022459

The Mabef M/02 Studio Easel is constructed of oiled, stain resistant beechwood. It has two adjustable centre poles which are locked into place by tightening screws at the rear. Adjust the canvas holder height with a crank mechanism. The working angle can also be adjusted. It has two drawers and a sturdy base with four casters and levelling bolts. Ideal for very large canvasses.

Height: 30/120inches or 205/305cm
Width: 39inches or 99cm
Depth: 26inches or 68cm
Weight: 92lbs or 42kg
Maximum canvas size: 92inches or 235cm.

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