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House Of Crafts Candlemaking Craft Kit

House Of Crafts Candlemaking Craft Kit

SKU: 6026645:6026645

The House Of Crafts Candlemaking Craft Kit is one of the finest candlemaking kits available. This craft kit contains everything you need to make a selection of traditional and floating candles. Add fragrance to make scented candles and use the coloured dyes to create a gorgeous range of coloured candles.
Pack size: 275 x 220 x 70mm

wax pellets

candle moulds

coloured dyes

fragrance oil

bulb pipette


wick rods

mould sealer

and full instructions



Brand: House of Crafts

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18.80 GBP
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Syrie grew up and went to school in Oxford. She started working at Broad Canvas on a Saturday and has helped us out ever since, fitting shifts in around her studies. Her foundation at Oxford Brookes was followed by a course studying design at Westminster to purse a love of fashion.

She's designed an outfit for Fenty, which presented to Rihanna at a runway show (it was recently used in an exclusive shoot for KaltBlut magazine). She's also interned for the likes of Justine Tabak, Ashley Williams and Art School. When the pandemic struck, she made scrubs for the NHS (not as easy as sounds) - all great experience for her debut collection. We're delighted to have Syrie back working with us, and she gets to make full use of the Rotring Tikkys and the NeoColour 2s while figuring out her next move.

You can follow SYRIES Instagram @syriestudios

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