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Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Colour 236ml

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Colour 236ml

Brand: Golden

The Heavy Body Acrylic Colour is the original line of colour by GOLDEN. It is known for its smooth, buttery consistency and contains no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or dyes. Also, as no matting agents are added, you will find that each colour will dry to a different gloss. Most of the colours contain pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion vehicle and offer excellent permanency and lightfastness. Each Golden colour is formulated according to the nature of the pigment, making it one of the best professional acrylic colours on the market today.

Golden has become famous world-wide for its stunning acrylic colours and mediums. They don't add any opacifiers, toners, matting agents, dyes or fillers, making these heavy body paints very pure. A quality acrylic paint for your artworks.

All colours are intensely pigmented and vibrant and freely mix this is where the quality of Golden really speaks for itself. Broadly speaking in application there is little colour shift on drying, a common occurrence with most water base media. All of Goldens heavy body acrylics are “thixotropic,” this means that the more they are mixed or worked the more fluid the paint becomes. As the paint rests it will gradually thicken revealing brush marks and palette knife strokes if required.

  • Pure pigmentation
  • Soft buttery texture
  • Vibrant
  • Easy to mix
  • Minimal colour shift on drying
  • Minimal muddying when mixing depending on colour choice
  • Fantastic colour range of solid, Metallic and specialist colours
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Mark Golden, CEO and Co-Founder of GOLDEN presents this quality range of acrylic paints.

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