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Golden Absorbent Ground White
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Golden Absorbent Ground White

Brand: Golden

GOLDEN Absorbent Ground can be used to create a porous, paper-like surface on a variety of different surfaces, such as gessoed canvas, hardboard, wood or other surfaces.

Applied over gessoed canvas, the white absorbent ground enables you to create watercolour washes and stain effects. Watercolours may also be used, although they will retain their water sensitivity.
?While we do not recommend applying full-bodied oil paint directly onto GOLDEN Absorbent Ground, application of thin washes or glazes of oil paint is possible.

GOLDEN Absorbent Ground can be applied with a brush, roller or squeegee. No thinning is necessary, although for increased leveling or ease of application, up to 25% water may be added.
Almost all GOLDEN Acrylic paints can be used for staining and wash techniques on absorbent ground. GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics are the proper viscosity for staining and therefore, offer the most intense stains.
Watercolor paints work well when applied over white GOLDEN Absorbent Ground and will retain all of their attributes, such as water solubility.

Once properly sealed, it is a permanent white acrylic film that does not need to be kept under glass, however, the surface is quite delicate and additional protection is recommended.

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