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Dressmaker Pins in Tin

Dressmaker Pins in Tin

SKU: 6025671:6025671

Dressmaker Pins in a Tin are a brilliant addition to your sewing kit. The handy tin allows you to travel easily. The long steel pins help with hemlines and seams allowing you to pin lines of fabric without leaving a mark. The sharp end allows you to go through the delicate materials without puncturing the fabric.


Brand: Groves & Banks

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2.95 GBP
Molly T
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Molly T
Molly T

Molly joined our team after graduating from Winchester School of Art studying within the Fine Arts department with a specialism in painting and sculpture. After completing her Degree, Molly developed a passion for ceramics to which she dedicates her spare time creating pottery at her home studio in Oxfordshire. Her favourite products to use are the Old Holland oil paints and our Handbook Journals.

You can follow Molly's Instagram where she posts updates of her current work and Etsy shop updates.


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