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Daler Rowney System 3 Original Acrylic Paint Introductory Set - 10 x 22ml

Brand: Daler Rowney

Daler Rowney are one of the UK's leading Artists paint manufacturers, founded 225 years ago by Richard and Thomas Rowney. Their paints enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality and are amongst the best on the market. Daler Rowney have a continuous programme of product development which led to the creation and introduction of System 3 acrylic paints in 1987. The original range was launched in 75 ml tubes which are still available in a couple of sets. System 3 is a studio range of flow formulated Acrylic paint. It is economically priced yet has characteristics of top Acrylic paint ranges. This range is very popular with educational establishments. Daler Rowneys’ system 3 are a highly versatile range of Acrylic paint, the high pigment loading and texture allows the paint to be employed in a very broad range of applications, and ideal for both interior and exterior use. As a flow formulation Acrylic paint they can be thinned with water or used direct from the tube. Unlike heavy body acrylic paint System 3 can be thinned to create light washes of colour, as such it is possible to use these Acrylics with an airbrush. Other methods of application include sponging, palette knife, brush and roller. System 3 original Acrylic paint dries quickly to an insoluble film. This applies to both thin washes and to the paint being used impasto, directly from the tube.

As part of Daler Downeys’ on going development programme the colour range has been slightly modified to provide a broad balanced range of Acrylic paint, all colours in System 3 original are fully intermixable. Daler Rowney also have an excellent web site to support all their products. This provides much in the way of useful information on System 3 Acrylics giving information on pigment components lightfastness and technical specifications.
System 3 original Process colours, this provides Acrylic paint that can be easily converted for use as a screen- printing ink. The 3 process colours are also an excellent choice as a basic palette for colour mixing. When combined with screen printing medium system 3 is ideal for four-colour, half- tone screen printing. The screen- printing medium also facilitates the ease of cleaning silk screens after use.

Daler Rowney system 3 and mix media work. The nature and flexibility of System 3 makes this acrylic paint invaluable for mixed media artists. For those who have discovered the properties of system 3 Acrylic paint it will require no further introduction. The properties of this versatile paint allow for other media to be applied directly over the paint film. All colours are highly lightfast with the only exception to this being the fluorescent colours. These will by nature fade with time and Daler Rowney only recommend these colours for interior use only. When painting on canvas, a suitable primer must first be employed. Daler Rowney manufacture Gesso suitable for sealing unprimed canvasses prior to painting. The same rule should also be considered if using System 3 original as a fabric paint too. This will prevent the Acrylic “sinking,” or becoming dull. This can also happen on some papers, especially on cotton rag based not and rough paper. Here Daler Rowney offer a solution in that a coat of Decopage medium is ideal to seal or prime the paper before use.

A very popular use of Daler Rowney system 3, is for painting murals. System 3 original will readily adhere to emulsion, plaster, unglazed ceramic and even concrete. If system 3 original is applied to rough concrete this should be primed first. Murals can be painted both indoors and outside with no adverse effects from weathering.

Contents include:
Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Crimson, Ultramarine, Emerald, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Mars Black

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Michel Corr signature marks

See Scottish contemporary portrait artist Michel Corr experimental signature marks. This "Jim Adamson" portrait time-lapse was created using System3 Acrylic in the NCR headquarter, Dundee. System3 Acrylics are available in 54 colours are ideal for multi-surface applications, Mixed Media and traditional fine art.

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