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Da Vinci Series 1610 Round Red Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Da Vinci Series 1610 Round Red Kolinsky Sable Brushes

SKU: 6011172:6011172

We currently stock a few ranges of Da Vinci brushes. For oils, we have exceptionally high quality and possibly the best sables to be made anywhere in the world. Available in rounds flats and filberts these brushes are for subtle and precise work where delicacy and control are a must. These brushes are for professionals and encompass a broad range of sizes. Please refer to type and size charts for information and availability. All the brushes are made from the finest Russian (Red Kolinsky) sable and manufactured in Germany.

. series 1610 rounds

. series 1810 flats

. series 1815 filberts.

Brand: Da Vinci

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Peter W
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Peter W
Peter W

Peter manages the Broad Canvas and he's been here pretty much since the shop opened. He grew up near Oxford and has always loved art and drawing. There isn't much he doesn't know and he's our resident expert.

In his spare time, Peter is a keen cyclist and loves exploring the countryside near where he lives on his beloved bike. His other passions are a fine glass of red wine and taking photos of nature and wildlife.

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