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Schmincke Blue Masking Fluid 25ml

Schmincke Blue Masking Fluid 25ml

SKU: 6039003:6039003

Schmincke Blue Masking Fluid 25ml is ready to use. You can apply the product directly on the support with the masking pen´s fine tip. If necessary, you can reduce the size of the opening using a fine metal nozzle. The opening may not be shortened or cut.
Very soft, weakly grounded textured paper types like e.g. rag paper or torchon paper are not suitable for masking techniques.
After the masking fluid is completely dry, the masked picture areas can be painted over using water-colours, gouache colours or AERO COLOR® Professional. (The drying process takes between a few minutes and more than an hour depending on the thickness of the coat!)
After this coat of paint has dried properly too, the dried rubbery-type film of the masking fluid can be removed by careful rubbing with a dry and non-greasy finger (please do not pull off!).
The masking film should not be left on the support for longer than two days and must be completely removed; otherwise there is a risk of yellowing of the support!
The product is dilutable with water, but dries very quickly into a rubbery-type transparent film that does not dissolve in water.
Close the top tightly as soon as possible after use.
The applicator tip of the masking fluid is most easily cleaned when dry using a needle.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Protect from frost.
Individual pre-tests are required.


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