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Old Holland Classic Oil Colour Paint 225ml

Old Holland Classic Oil Colour Paint 225ml

Brand: Old Holland

Old Holland are the Oldest Artist oil paint manufacturer in the world. The quality and quantity of pigments used in their products cannot be beaten. Founded in 1664 by an association of Artists, they still manufactured using traditional production methods and expertise. Only concentrated light fast pigments are used to produce their paints, as such it is not necessary to grade their lightfastness. Cold pressed – sun bleached, virgin linseed oil is used as the binder which has superior binding properties and will not crack on drying. Old Holland oils use only the minimum amount of binding oil, this prevents the colours from wrinkling as the paint dries and provides a harder and more stable paint film. The paints naturally deepen slightly when dry, taking on a deeper and warmer hue. This is especially noticeable, when painting skies, providing unique character and luminosity only achievable with Old Holland oils.   All the colours are pure- with no added extenders, only pigments are used that can be mixed with each other. Old Holland recommend that their paints be applied as thinly as possible, using refined turpentine or white spirit to thin as required.

. Highest quality professional Oil colour

. Oldest Oil paint manufacturer in the World

. Uses only the best pigments and binding oil

. Traditional heavy-bodied oil paint

. No extenders used in manufacturing

. Extensively used in museums for restoration of Masters paintings and important works

. Each tube of paint matched with its own hand-painted colour strip unique to its production batch

. Extensive range of colour offering both High and Low key palettes.

. Easy identification of opacity or transparency (Lake, refers to the colour being suitable for glazing techniques

. All colours are light fast.



Old Holland Classic Oil Colour Paint 225ml. Available in Titanium White and Zinc White.

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