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Caran dAche Pastel Pencils Set of 76

Caran dAche Pastel Pencils Set of 76

Brand: Caran Dache

Caran D'Ache Pastel Pencils are the ultimate tool for professional artists. They are made with the finest materials with a high pigment concentration making them vibrant and smooth to apply with exceptional lightfastness. Some of the features that make these stand out from the rest are the 4.7mm large lead diameter, a rounded hexagonal body to stop pencils from rolling off of your work area, first quality cedar wood barrels and coloured caps with number indicators so you know exactly what you are using at a glance.

This set features an extensive range of 76 colours enabling users to enjoy the full potential of dry pastels with a very wide range of colours perfect for both detailed finishing work, and generous blurring. To finish the range off this set also includes a Grafwood H Graphite pencil (hard), and a charcoal pencil (soft) to further push creativity.

Ideally these pencils should be sharpened with a knife or blade - pencil sharpeners are not recommended. Colours can be fixed with a suitable pastel fixative.

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