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Gifts Under £25

15th December 2019
Gifts Under £25
Broad Canvas

If you are looking for art gifts that will be good to your wallet, we have a few ideas for you - all priced at £25 or under. Perhaps you could surprise someone with a new way of creating art, or even just treat yourself to some new art supplies occasionally (we really recommend it!). Little gifts, generous gifts and all gifts inbetween... let us take care of them.

For the young (or young at heart) we have this excellent FIMO Soft Modelling Clay Basic Set, which is a great gift for beginners and hobby artists. Compatible with FIMO effect and FIMO professional, it is soft, smooth and infinitely versatile for jewellery, accessories and home deco items. There are up to 24 vibrant colours to help create modelling art. 

£21.65. View here.

Art gifts for £25 and under - FIMO Soft Modelling
Art gifts for £25 and under - Daler Rowney Georgia

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colour Introduction Set 10x22ml.

Traditionally crafted and triple-milled in England, Georgian Oil Colours provide colour consistency from wet to dry and even performance and finish across all colours. Due to their careful formulation, Georgian Oil Colours generally require very limited quantities of paint, so can be used freely straight from the tube allowing the artist to concentrate on spontaneous art.

Was £28.45 Now £24.99. View offer here

Art gifts for £25 and under - Daler Rowney Georgia

Teloman Tech Style Presenter Portfolios: A4.

These presentation portfolios are ideal gifts for school, college and university use. They are hard wearing and durable and a must have item if you are studying creative subjects like art and design, fine art, graphic design, architecture or fashion. They are also perfect for use in interviews where you need to display your art neatly, clearly and professionally.

£23.70. View here.

Art gifts for £25 and under - Teloman Tech Style P
Art gifts for £25 and under - Nitram Liquid Charco

Nitram Liquid Charcoal 50ml Tube.

A gift that might surprise those who loves experimenting with charcoal art. Liquid Charcoal is a new product that bridges the gap between drawing and painting. Charcoal has traditionally been used as a tool for drawing on paper for hundreds of years. Hugely popular in life drawing art classes, it also has its uses when making quick sketches in preparation for a painting. Now, Liquid Charcoal allows you to add water and create sweeping tonal washes on your sketches.

Was £24.95 Now £19.95. View offer here.

Art gifts for £25 and under - Nitram Liquid Charco

Gifts in a Tin Peg and Spoon Puppet Kit - great for kids.

Art doesn't have to be only about painting and drawing. Make a farmer and his family, plus 3 sheep, a cow, dog and cat from wooden pegs and spoons and an assortment of craft materials then put on a puppet show with your 10 characters.
Contents: 10 assorted dolly pegs and spoons, felt, cloth, wool, glue, pegs & instructions.

NOTE: Not suitable for children under 3 years (choking hazard). Recommended ages: 8 years to adult.

Was £11.95 Now £9.95. View offer here.

Art gifts for £25 and under - Gift in a Tin Peg an
Art gifts for £25 and under - £25 Broad Canvas Gif

£25 Broad Canvas Gift Voucher.

We understand how difficult it can be to find perfect art gifts, so we have created the Broad Canvas online and in-store Gift Vouchers. With our £10 / £50 / £100 gift vouchers, the recipient can choose exactly what they want from our large selection of art, craft, graphics, model making, card making and jewellery making materials and equipment on our online shop or Oxford store.

View our art gift vouchers here.

Art gifts for £25 and under - £25 Broad Canvas Gif