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Fresh Inspiration

8th December 2021
Fresh Inspiration
Broad Canvas

Our Broad Canvas Gift Vouchers are perfect if you’re struggling to know what to buy for the artist in your life. With values of £5, £10,  £20, £50 or £100, they're an ideal gift. Our online shop is packed with art, craft, needlework, graphics, model making, card making and jewellery making materials and equipment.

From £5 here

Bob Ross Master Oil Painting Set – Discover the Bob Ross 'Wet-on-Wet' technique for painting beautiful landscapes. The set features an illustrated step-by-step guide, and a 'Getting Started' DVD that covers all his techniques in a detailed, yet easy to understand, way. Be like Bob!

Was £129.95 Now £77.95. View offer here

Gift Card and Bob Ross Set
Caran D'Ache Neocolour Wax Crayons

The Caran D'Ache Neocolor II tin of 10 water-soluble wax crayons, contains one each of the following colours: White, black, yellow, orange, brown, scarlet, purple, violet, cobalt blue and emerald green.

Caran D'Ache also have a set of 30 Supracolor Soft Pencils - containing the following colours: 001 White, 003 Light Grey, 005 Grey, 009 Black, 010 Yellow, 011 Pale Yellow, 030 Orange, 032 Light Ochre, 040 Reddish Orange, 049 Raw Umber, 069 Burnt Siena, 070 Scarlet, 080 Carmine, 081 Pink, 090 Purple, 100 Purple Violet, 120 Violet, 131 Periwinkle Blue, 140 Ultramarine, 155 Blue Jeans, 159 Prussian Blue, 160 Cobalt Blue, 171 Turquoise Blue, 180 Malachite Green, 211 Jade Green, 220 Grass Green, 239 Spruce Green, 240 Lemon Yellow, 245 Light Olive, 371 Bluish Pale.

Was £61.99 Now £55.79. View offer here

Caran D'Ache Neocolour Wax Crayons

Derwent Charcoal Pencils Tin (Set of 6), is a set of 6 pencils and a sharpener, presented in a handy metal tin. This is a highly popular set which is ideal for a student, beginner or experienced artist. Ideal for rich dramatic drawings, they give great control but keep all those traditional charcoal effects that you love, but with less mess!

Was £12.29 Now £7.73. View offer here

Also from Derwent is a tin set of 12 Soft Graphic Pencils, with grades from 9B to 9H. Also available in Hard and Medium, the Derwent Graphic sets are a great way for a beginner, designer or artist to try out different grades of graphite pencil and experiment with what effects they can create.

Was £20.49 Now £16.16. View offer here

Derwent Charcoal Pencil Tins
Gift in a Tin

Ever dreamt about life on the open road? Well now with the Camper Van Construction Kit, you can follow step-by-step instructions to build your very own cool camper van from over 300 parts! Complete with seats and headlights. It comes with over 330 metal and plastic components, screwdriver and spanner and full instructions, from Gift in a Tin.

£11.95. View product here

The Gift in a Tin range make excellent gifts for kids and adults all year round. With a very reasonable price and lots of materials packed inside, these crafting kits are great value for money and great fun too. Other sets we stock are:

Train Set in a Tin: Was £11.99 Now £9.99. View offer here

Castle in a Tin: Was £11.99 Now £9.99. View offer here

Gift in a Tin

Add a new dimension to your artworks in 2022. These sets of Unison Colour Soft Pastels - hand-made by Unison using the finest pigments - provide an easy way for someone to start working in pastel. These beautiful soft pastels are a joy to work with and can be used to enhance drawings, paintings or mixed media works.

The classic Starter 18 Set is specially selected by Unison's John Hersey, as a perfect starter pastel set. These soft pastels allow for ease of use with a highly blendable texture.

Was £74.02 Now £62.81. View offer here

We also stock a Starter 8 Set with the following colours: Grey 28, Yellow 11, Red 2, Green 8, Blue Violet 9, Grey 9, Grey 14 and Blue Violet 18.

Was £42.02 Now £28.17. View offer here

Unison Colour Pastel Sets
MABEF M22 and M26 Easels

Get yourself out into the freh air this spring, with an easel under your arm of course. Made in Italy of oiled beechwood with brass hardware, the MABEF M/22 Sketch Box Easel has a tin-lined sliding accessory drawer with four compartments. A wooden palette acts as a cover when the easel is folded up for transport. Ideal for watercolour or oil painting.

Was £345.00 Now £275.00. View offer here

We also suggest this M/26 Folding Field Easel with adjustable panel – ideal for outdoor use, it can also double-up as display stand. Made from stain resistant, oiled beechwood this is a quality, easy to carry, sketching easel. The pivoting wooden panel can be positioned horizontally and vertically making it suitable for watercolour painting.

Was £120.00 Now £95.00. View offer here

MABEF M22 and M26 Easels

Fresh ideas often start in the pages of a notebook, so this Seawhite Of Brighton casebound small sketchbook would be a great way to coax creativity out of anyone with an artistic mind. With a black cloth cover and sewn casebound, it is very smart and practical sketch book for all types of media. We also have medium and large sizes, all made in the UK using British paper.

Was £6.60 Now £5.94. View offer here

What would a smart sketchbook be without a smart pen? Well the Pentel Fude Brush Pen is ideal for Manga cartoonists, illustrators and designers – and great for oriental artwork and calligraphy. The rich, acid-free, black pigment ink is water and fade resistant. It's synthetic bristles are very durable and so resist fraying, retaining their shape and accurate point. Comes with two refills but we have extra refills if necessary.

Was £13.99 Now £11.99. View offer here

Seawhite Sketchbook Pental Fude Brush Pen
Hand.Book Journal & Moleskine Watercolour

Every creative should be carrying a sketch book, so if you spot an artist in the wild without one – either send them our way – or grab them one of these Hand.Book Journals. A very popular range of travel pads, the journals come with 128 pages of light buff, smooth acid-free paper. Suitable for most sketching media the journals will support a light watercolour or gouache wash and are excellent for use with brush pens, fine liners and dip pens. The journals are secured with a strong elastic strap that keeps the journal bound when travelling around. Available in various sizes with Sap Green, Cobalt Blue, Scarlet or Black covers - all with an additional pouch for extra storage.

Was £17.50 Now £14.99. View offer here

Alternatively, with its elegant black cover, the Moleskine A5 Watercolour Album is a portable art studio. The cold-pressed cotton-blend 200g/m² paper can handle generous amounts of water (on both sides of the page) for vivid and exciting artworks that express your unique perspective.

£14.99. View product here

Hand.Book Journal & Moleskine Watercolour

Have you ever been curious about painting with oil colours? Well this Winsor and Newton Artists' Oil Introductory Set contains 10 x 21ml tubes of popular colours. An ideal Christmas gift for painters upgrading their tools – or even for accomplished painters to use. Winsor and Newton's world-wide reputation with professional artists stems from their unmatched for its purity, quality and reliability.

Was £59.75 Now £44.75. View offer here

Old Holland's Oil Colour Wooden Box Set No.9, is a delightful yet practical little set of premium oil colours, housed in a stain resistant beechwood box. The balanced paint selection ensures colour for all subjects. The box is lined with an adjustable tin tray and small palette, and in the lid are two adjustable slots for holding and transporting a small canvas panel.

Was £260.72 Now £234.65. View offer here

Winsor & Newton & Old Holland Oil Paint Sets
Pro Arte Brush Set W5 - Winsor & Newton Cotman Met

Add more versatility to your painting equipment this year – because you can never have too many brushes. This Pro Arte Prolene Wallet One Stroke W5 Set is an ideal starting point; three synthetic hair brushes presented in a handy plastic wallet. They are an easy and economical way to start – or add to – a brush collection. Sizes are: Round Size 8 & 12 and One Stroke Size 1/2in.

Was £25.75 Now £18.00. View offer here

Every brush needs its paint, so wrap them up for someone special together with this Winsor & Newton Cotman Metal Sketchers Box. The lightweight box contains 24 assorted half pan paints and an instructional leaflet.

Was £55.75 Now £39.95. View offer here

Pro Arte Brush Set W5 - Winsor & Newton Cotman Met

This Artist's Wooden Manikin is made from select grades of wood with a natural finish. If you're interested in studying, painting or sketching the human form,this is essential, allowing you to position the figure into limitless poses.

£7.99. View product here

This comprehensive Essdee Lino Cutting & Printing Kit, includes a wide selection of tools and materials for Lino cutting and printing. You can experiment with artisan printing techniques and compare traditional lino and the new Softcut materials, which add new possibilities for beginners and experienced users alike. This educational and fun kit is ideal for making unique greeting cards, gifts, posters or even great works of art! Full instructions are included. Recommended Age: 12 and up with adult supervision.

Was £31.99 Now £24.99. View offer here

Essdee Lino Cutting Printing Kit - Wooden Manikin