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Aristo Adjustable Set Square 10
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Aristo Adjustable Set Square 10

Brand: Aristo

Perfect for designers and architects, this adjustable set square is made of clear 3.5mm thick Plexiglass and is great for drawing and measuring angles. It consists of a large set square with a hypotenuse (longest side) measuring 25cm. The hypotenuse is mounted on a bolt and an arc scale, so that it can be swung out from the rest of the set square; this allows the set square to function as a protractor.

The hypotenuse can be fixed in any position on the arc scale or left unfastened so that different angles can be measured. The arc scale runs from 0 to 45 degrees and 90 to 45 degrees. It bears 1 degree and 1/2 degree increments.

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