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Home > Summer Reminiscence Art Competition Winners

Summer Reminiscence Art Competition Winners

Summer Reminiscence Art Competition Winners
Broad Canvas

You are all awesome! 

We can't begin to express our gratitude to all those that submitted their artwork to our competition. The calibre of work that we have seen is genuinely exceptional.


Our judges have looked at the shortlisted submissions and have decided the winners who will each receive a prize bundle of art materials worth over £200.


Congratulations to all our winners, we will be in touch with you very soon to organise getting your prizes to you.



Under 12's Winner - Chosen by Korky Paul

Miss Jessica Goldsworthy "Bird landing in the water"


"I liked the subject matter and how keenly observed the painting is. With good composition by having the bird landing from left to right heightens the movement, which in turn is accentuated by the tree bowing over in the direction of the bird. Also, lively use of colour with the splashes of water all contribute to a lively and energetic painting."



Acrylic Painting Winner - Chosen by Katie Taylor Programme Coordinator OVADA

Ms Sian Dickson "Sun on the North Sea"


I think that this painting beautifully captures more than a representational memory, you can hear the water and feel the sun. I also like the fact that the artist hasn't felt a pressure to fill the whole canvas, which I think works quite well here.



Pastel Painting Winner - Chosen by Independent Oxford

Ms Theone Ellis "Castlerigg Stone Circle"


We love Theone's atmospheric image. It gives a real sense of a bright, relaxed, summers day walk in the Cumbrian countryside. Lots of us are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, find some quiet and get back to nature at the moment and this image sums that feeling up.



Mixed Media Winner - Chosen by Makespace

Sharon Whitelock "Natural History Museum Oxford"


The local subject matter and dynamic use of colour, paired with clear skill with architectural drawing gives an abstract, fractured stained glass effect which captures the sensation of a memory full of joy and nostalgia. The use of primary colours and low angle harks back to a childhood association with the building, and a sort of barely contained excitement of the treasures hiding inside.



Watercolour Winner - Chosen by Fusion Arts

Penny Zacharopoulou "Summer blues"


Penny's intriguing composition and beautiful use of colour and texture really draws you in. You can picture yourself sitting on a harbour wall, listening to the seagulls, watching the gentle bobbing with boats with the heat of the summer sun on you.



Digital Art Winner - Chosen by Broad Canvas

Sarah Cousins “Let's go to Angouleme!”
Sarah’s artwork is clever, graphic, charming and epitomises ‘Summer Reminiscence’

Drawing Winner - Chosen by Broad Canvas

Mrs Lorna Marrison “Summer Gate”
Lorna has captured something beautiful here that makes us feel both a longing for being away (what’s on the other side of the gate) and also an appreciation for being ‘home’.
This artwork has a wonderful texture and you can almost feel the warmth of the sun.

Oil Painting Winner - Chosen by Broad Canvas

Miss Irina Berdisa “Sailing Boats”

This painting has a beautiful stillness and a fine spiritual quality.
Although simple in construction, it has been skilfully composed, has strong and effective colour, and clearly conveys a sense of place and space – the birds defining the vastness of the sky.