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Art Competition WINNERS

15th June 2020
Art Competition WINNERS
Broad Canvas

At the start of lockdown, the team at Broad Canvas ran a competition to keep the creative community together.

So much creativity

All ages. All mediums. All styles. The standard was incredibly high. We never expected such a positive reaction. We’re delighted so many of you entered and voted for your favourites.


It’s time to announce our winners

Our four winners of the public vote will each receive a £50 Broad Canvas Gift voucher (please continue reading to the end of this post to see how to claim your prize).


0-7 Years Category Winner

Grace Bruce
The Summer St Mawes Sea


8-11 Years Category Winner

Jeevan Dhillon
Lightning & Cruz
Felt Pens & Markers


12-17 Years Category Winner

Dani O'Neill


18+ Years Category Winner

Klaudia Tanyi


...and now the winners of our 'Best in Show' prizes chosen by a panel of professional artists. The winners will each receive a £25 Broad Canvas gift voucher.

0-7 Years category
Winner selected by Oxford Doodle Club  

Arthur Dubovsky 



8-11 Years category 
Winner selected by the Oxford Doodle Club  

Laila El Mahdy
Bird of hope


12-17 Years category 
Winner selected by OVADA

Roslyn Moorhouse
Renaissance Self-Portrait

OVADA says: "Renaissance Self-Portrait is such a beautiful, skilful piece with real character!
An honourable mention goes to Olivia Carr's piece Cracking Egg."


18+ Years category 
Winner selected by Lucy Stopford chairman of Oxford Art Society

Ishbel Angus
Light Through My Window

Lucy says: "From a phenomenal range of subjects and styles, my first choice of winner for the 18 plus category is the painting ‘Light through my Window’ by Ishbel Angus. 

Lucien Freud once said ‘What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince’. 'Light through my Window' does all of these things: astonishing with its bold composition, seducing the imagination with a subject that at once reveals and conceals, and convinces with its confident handling of the material. It is a powerful work reminiscent of Hopper, and an apt subject for our disturbing times, with its mysterious interplay of interior and exterior viewpoints.

Of the many other excellent contributions, I would also like to mention the superbly expressive portrait by Carrie Stanley; ‘Si’ and the sensitive and evocative pen drawing by Mark Clay; ‘Inside’.

Thank you for inviting me to judge, it has been a great honour and very enjoyable."


Huge congratulations to all the winners, for details of how to claim your prizes please contact us via email at