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For artists, designers and draftsman, the studio is a hub of creativity. We stock all the equipment you need to bring your ideas to life and to showcase your work to visitors – from easels and drawing boards through to lighting solutions and portfolios. There are the essentials like T-squares, setsquares, rulers, pens and brush cleaners. We have a range of portfolios (in all four “A sizes”) that are suitable for display work and our zip up options are great for everyday use. Our lighting solutions will help you see things more clearly on those darker evenings and in winter when the light levels are naturally lower. If you need to store your materials, the Artbin range is so convenient as you can keep everything tidy and carry supplies to college, university or evening classes with ease. Looking for further inspiration and reference, then have a look at our range of books and colour wheels. As creative professionals ourselves, we appreciate how important your work is. It why our suppliers are all the brands you can trust such as Blundell, Harling, Telomann, Artbin, Search, Press Daylight Studios, Global, MABEF, Daler Rowney, Winsor & Newton, Masters brush cleaner, Colourful Arts and Zoom Tube

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