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Rotring Rapidograph College Set

Rotring Rapidograph College Set

SKU: 6031240:6031240
The Rotring Rapidograph Pen College set consists of three technical drawing pens in nib sizes 0.25, 0.35, 0.5mm. Also included is: a Rotring 0.5mm Automatic Pencil, 12 hi-polymer HB leads, 1 x B20 eraser, 3 x pen stands, 3 x ink cartridges and 1 x 4mm compass attachment.

The Rotring Rapidograph pens boasts Rotrings unique capillary cartridges for top reliability. The pressure-equalization system gives you a new and clean helix every time you change the ink cartridge and the stainless steel nib guarantees precision lines and high durability.

These technical drawing pens are suitable for use on lineboard, tracing paper and vellum drawing paper.
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