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Mabef M01 Studio Easel Oiled Wood

Mabef M01 Studio Easel Oiled Wood

SKU: 6022453:6022453

Mabef's M01 dark beech wood easel is an excellent piece of equipment for working on large paintings or restoration work.. 

Featuring an electric motor, this easel takes all of the work out of having to move paintings around meaning you can focus all your energy on working. The Mabef's solid build means the easel will have no problem with the weight of your canvas and sturdy canvas holders keep your work held in place at all times.

The built in 220v electric motor controls both the height adjustment and tilt angle of the easel's canvas holder. Using the easy to access switch or pedal, work can be raised easily to a comfortable working height without having to remove canvases from the holder. The motorised tilting mechanism allows you to angle work towards or away from you within a 22 degree range of motion.

Wheels on the bottom of the easel make it easy to move work around your work space and rubber stoppers keep it in place while you're working. 

A shelf under the canvas holder gives instant access to any tools or materials you are using while a drawer underneath safely holds any other materials such as bottles or paints.

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