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'Tom Tower', Christ Church College, Oxford

About the artist

Hi, I am Amira! A draw-er, a devout curious person with a love of creating. I continuously carry a sketchbook with me, observing and recording on location - a visual memory book. I developed a concept of drawing which I have coined as ‘Invisible Lines - An Interpretation of Observation’. This was because of said curiosity, and the relationship between artist and art viewer, and the question I ask myself as an artist; does the artist control the art, or does the viewer change the meaning of the work according to who they are and how they think? Much like the paths of desire, created as a consequence of erosion caused by foot traffic, the 'Invisible Lines', or negative space in my work is just as important as the positive. The 'Invisible Lines' intentionally leads the viewer through the positive and negative space within the piece by openly allowing viewers to create their own unique lines of desire, intentionally, or otherwise - and therefore become an active contributor by generating their own unique piece.

Title of artwork

'Tom Tower', Christ Church College, Oxford

Description of artwork

A detailed hand drawn sketchbook study of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, located along Oxford's High Street. Captured using a variety of different sized fine liners, and various shades of grey felt pens. Print reproduced from my original hand drawn sketchbook study.

Materials used

Fine Liners - Various Felt pens - Various

Photographs of artwork

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