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I’m Miranda also known as @scissorspaperpaste. I’m an anologue collage artist based in Oxford. My work is inspired by serendipity, nostalgia, and memory. The domestic, feminine pastimes, the female space, the roles of women and childhood memories are often visual reference points. My work is often multi layered and playful often containing a number of different narratives and meanings. I love to work with lots of vintage ephemera such as old postcards, vintage children’s books, paper sewing patterns, encyclopaedias, lurid-coloured cookbooks, magazines and discarded papers. I usually work in 2D but also enjoy creating assemblage-based pieces using all sorts of found materials such as match boxes, cassette tapes and wooden blocks. Children’s building blocks have also inspired a series of 3D works which I refer to as Collage Constructions. I love the accessibility of analogue collage as a way to create art. I use basic equipment – scissors, scalpel and glue stick and often incorporate lo-fi image transfer techniques using packing tape, solvents and tracing paper.

The Three Little Worries of Women
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