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Da Vinci Series 1503 Travel Brush Kolinsky Red Sable

Da Vinci Series 1503 Travel Brush Kolinsky Red Sable

SKU: 6011148:6011148

Da Vinci manufacture pure Russian sable travel brushes. Unlike other travel brushes the front section and brush unscrews for storage in the handle. These brushes may not be cheap but in use there is no other travel brush like them. As can be expected from Da Vinci – one of Europe’s premium brush manufacturers – the quality of these brushes is outstanding. Being made from Kolinsky sable the wash carrying capacity cannot be equaled. The natural spring and pointing ability make for a truly outstanding product. These travel brushes make for an exciting and unusual gift as well as a compact tool for professional and seasoned artists alike.


  • Handy pocket-sized brush 
  • Made of selected red sable hair 
  • Has silver ferrule 
  • Double section black artificial horn handle


Brand: Da Vinci

10.50 GBP
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10.50 GBP

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