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Copic Ciao Markers 72 Piece Set B

Copic Ciao Markers 72 Piece Set B

SKU: 6010056:6010056

These professional quality markers create areas of beautifully flat colour when used on layout or marker paper. We stock a range of 107 colours, along with a blender which enables you to merge colours together or fade them out. Each pen has a chisel tip for creating large areas of colour and a brush tip for more expressive strokes.

They are designed to be used in conjunction with the Copic Multiliner pens: a range of refillable fineliners that don’t bleed or run when you colour over them with a Copic Ciao.

Illustrators create storyboards and graphic novels with them, architects make artist’s impressions and garden designers find them ideal for showing their ideas to clients; these are just a few ways these versatile pens are used. We’re sure you can find many more.

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Copic Ciao Markers 72 Piece Set B

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